Avin Patel

Thurmaston Clinic

Avin has an osteopathy and acupuncture clinic in Leicester which operates from The Thurmaston Health Centre. The Thurmaston Surgery is located off the Melton Road. The MSK clinic is one of the leading Leicester Osteopathy clinics.

Most patients that he sees at The Thurmaston Surgery are registered there. However you do not need to registered at The Surgery to make an appointment.

The Leicester Osteopathy Clinic at The Thurmaston Surgery has full disability access, and ample parking.

Clinic Address

Thurmaston Health Centre
573a Melton Road

Tel: 07739 828 664
Out Of Hours Appointments


Pain from Pregnancy

Osteopathy is a safe and gentle treatment for pregnant women to help with a range of symptons

Accidents & Injuries

Osteopathy can help all people who are suffering from pain following an accident or an injury

Age Related Pain

Age related pain is natural as you get older but you can find ways to channel this with leading osteopathy techniques

Sciatica & Disc Problems

Osteopathy can help relive pressure from the sciatic nerve using massage and mobilisation techniques

Sports Injuries

Avin has a special interest in helping patients manage and prevent sports injuries of all severities

Cranial Osteopathy

Treatment which is mainly focused on the head and neck and more commonly used for newborn babies

Frozen Shoulder

We can help manipulate the pressure points around your shoulder to help relieve pain


We help encourage better joint health by promoting blood and lymph flow to the affected areas

Occupational Strain

Sitting at a desk, driving long distances and consistent lifting can lead to strain and it’s important to keep this treated

Hip & Knee Pain

Go from potential agony to relative comfort with advanced techniques to help relieve joint pain

Back, Spinal & Neck Pain

Our treatment can help reduce pain across your spinal cord and help improve mobility by strengthening associated muscles

Tennis & Golfers Elbow

Our massages, stretches & exercises can help reduce pain, manage your condition and increase mobility

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